Southgate, MI 48195

You Can Get More Information About My Services Here!

If you need a quick overview of what kind of company I am and the services I provide, you might find what you are looking for on my FAQ page. This is where I have placed the questions I have been asked by my clients before that I believe are important to provide to all my clients for convenience and easy answers. Read on below some of the questions and the answers I have given to each.

Have you been doing lawn work for a long?

I have been a lawn service provider for years now and have had years of training and experience before finally establishing my business, EZ Landscaping & Paving in 2017. Despite being fairly new to the industry, know that I have almost a decade of experience with lawns.

What services can I trust you with?

Aside from quality lawn care services, you can also count on me for the following jobs in Southgate,MI: landscaping, snow and ice management, mulch installation, trimming, brick pavers, spring and fall cleanups, mowing, and garden maintenance.

Are you available on weekends?

I am closed on Sundays but open on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 am the next day. To book an appointment on those days, you need to give me a call and schedule properly.

Do you provide estimates? How much would they cost?

Yes. I can provide you with estimates of the services you will possibly get. Know that all my estimates will be provided for free so give me a call today to get started on them.

Do you have warranties?

Yes. I do offer warranties depending on the job you ask me to do. If you want to know what type of warranty is in place with the service you need, just give me a call and we can talk thoroughly about it.

Do you have insurances in place?

Yes. The nature of my business, working with special equipment and in someone else’s property, requires me to have the right insurances in place. A lot of things can happen, even when one is careful and I always make sure to keep my clients safe as possible.

Do you have a seniors discount on your services?

Yes. EZ Landscaping & Paving offers discounts to senior citizens. You may also get insurance if you are a veteran but that is only applicable to some of my services.

Will you be able to work even if I am not at home?

Yes. It will not matter if you are home or not as I would be working outside your property and you would only need to make sure I have access through your gate, especially if you want a regular mowing service to be done.

Will my lawn need regular maintenance and care?

Yes. And oftentimes you would also need a service like a spring yard cleanup to clean up your lawn after winter when the snow melts and debris and other dead plants are scattered on your lawn.

If you find that some of the answers I have provided need more clarification, you can give me a call at (313) 784-0902 to get them clarified. If you have any other concerns or inquiries about my lawn care services in Southgate,MI, I would be more than happy to answer them for you!