Southgate, MI 48195

Dependable Snow & Ice Management as a Part of Your Lawn Care Program

The winters in Southgate,MI can bring multiple risks for its residents – yards and sidewalks covered with snow and ice leading to potential slip-and-fall accidents. If you live in the area and looking for a reputable snow removal company, choose EZ Landscaping & Paving without hesitation. I am a competent landscaper specializing in lawn care and snow & ice management.

My show removal and snow plowing services involve deicing, sidewalk clearing, and snow relocation. I have several years of experience and supply my valued clients with the option to include yard snow removal in their personalized lawn maintenance plan. Operating advanced heavy-duty equipment, I can work on residential and commercial projects. I am a trusted contractor who only invests in top-notch deicing products and machines. Once I arrive at a job site, I will first check for any vehicles and passersby. With a clear area, I will treat all the concrete and asphalt pavements, spreading deicing products to make the surface skid-resistant. I remove snowbanks, ice build-up, and icicles from driveways, parking lots, patios, roofs, etc.

Along with professional snow & ice management, I also provide risk management plans. Once I look at the size of the pavement and check what material it is made of, I can determine the most appropriate working methods to clear the area from the entire snow & ice buildup. My personalized and high-quality lawn care and snow removal services will save you time, risks for your family/employees, and money in the long run. My services are affordable, convenient, and available from Monday to Saturday. Save your home or business from incidents and call a professional like me next time you need quality snow plowing.

Considering all the dangers available, I will make the right decision about the working technique needed for your property in Southgate,MI. If you have any questions, contact EZ Landscaping & Paving at (313) 784-0902.