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My Quality Lawn Care Services Include Mulch Installation

Have you been thinking about installing a mulch in your yard? Do you want to keep the soil moist and healthy? Do you want to prevent weed growth? Whatever your reasons, if you want proper mulch, consider booking quality lawn care services from a professional such as EZ Landscaping & Paving. I can properly install mulch in the yards of my clients in Southgate,MI.

Why Mulch?

Mulch is beneficial in more ways than one. First, mulch can act as the barrier between the soil and the grass, preventing weed growth because sunlight won’t get to the soil. Second, mulch can be made up of organic matter and will provide nutrients to the soil. And third, mulch can also add more protection to the soil from erosion. If you decide to have mulch installed, consider hiring a professional like me to install it for you. I specialize in mulch installation.

I Can Install Mulch!

My mulch installation service will be thorough, making sure that the entire yard is covered with it. I’ll be using quality mulch material so that it will last a long time. I’ll be covering all of the landscape features so that they won’t get covered with mulch. I’ll make sure to distribute the mulch evenly, not just dumping it on the soil. I’ll even be able to add fertilizer to the mulch if you request it. So, to get the mulch your soil needs, get in touch with me.

EZ Landscaping & Paving┬áprovides the quality lawn care service you need so that you’ll have the mulch you want. Do you want mulch to be installed on the soil on your property in Southgate,MI? Give me a call at (313) 784-0902 today so I can start installing the mulch on the soil on your property right away!